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6px, eb, j, 0o, b, About Us
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About Us

We, at Empower To Excel, are committed to building a healthy work culture in the organizations and training the Gen Z to lead in the VUCA world. We inspire people to act out of their comfort zone towards a guided growth path. We partner with our clients to analyze their requirement before designing a training module and provide post-training support for effectiveness.

Neha, our founder is an ex-Indian Air Force(IAF) officer with 13 years of experience, of which she spent a decade serving the nation, an organization that thrives on teamwork. As an Air Traffic Controller in the IAF, setting goals, managing time & stress, motivating people, decision making, critical thinking, working as a high-performance team had been a lifestyle. This inspired Neha to start her journey of helping children and adults to unleash their potential by enhancing their skills. She is a certified Soft Skills Trainer from SQA(Scottish Qualification Academy), holds “Train the Trainer” certificate accredited by NABET(National Accreditation Board for Education and Training) and has trained 1000+ children and adults till date.

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